This is a  new & different design on chaps.  

You will always have a beautiful glove-like fit whether you loose or gain a couple pounds!    This insert is securely sewn in to the inside of the leg as shown, not along the zipper.    Being comfortable in the saddle during shows is important and with these chaps there will be one less thing to worry about. You'll be abl to take a deep breath and relax!  

These chaps have a streach range of 1 -1.5" width down the whole leg due to the durable elastic material we insert in the chap.  This insert does not show when you are in the saddle.  It will NOT COMPROMISE THE BEAUTY OF YOUR CHAPS!  This insert allows your leg to bend at the knees comfortably with brand new chaps with NO  break in time.  These stretch panels are meant to be used on SHOW CHAPS.  

Custom chaps are expensive.  Don't let a couple extra pounds make them unuseable. The BASIC Comfort-Fit chaps comes in your choice of the "MotoChap" leather or "Garment Suede"  choice (please see the Chap Colors  page). All will come with the shaped cuff, fancy yokes and silver plate hardwawre.  Prices start at $650.00 for top grain, $545.00 for suede. The size chart below is a guideline.  You will still need to fill out a measuring chart for the best fit.  They are semi-custom.

The elastic addition is also available for application on any of our custom chaps for $70.  Please be note that the elastic material is not available in all colors .

Size Waist Thigh Inseam
Small 28" - 30" 22"- 23" 31"
Medium 30" - 32" 23"-25" 32"
Large 32" - 24" 25"- 26.5" 33"
Ex. Large (Add $50.00) 35" - 40" 27"+ 33"


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