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Our custom spur straps can be as plain or  fancy as you like.  Whichever you choose, they will be made with the best leathers and high quality hardware to last a long time.  Have some fun with them!




Spur Straps

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Fancy Spotted spur straps
Brass Concho Spur Straps
Sterling Flower Concho Spur Straps
Black and Brass Spur Straps
Bohlin Style Sterling Spur Straps
Fancy! Cowboy Spur Straps
Big basket stamped spur straps
Sterling conchos spur straps
Bohlin Style Silver Spur Straps
Sterling Concho Spur Straps
Fancy Tooled Spur Straps
Unique Spur Straps
Big Silver Concho Spur Straps
Dove Wing Spur Straps

Bohin Style Straps 1 - Fully tooled and lined. Solid Sterling custom hardware of old Bohlin desgin.

Nice Tri-Colored straps with solid brass hardware

Simple but beautiful "Dove Wing" style spur straps. No hardwear to bother with.

Wow!  Fancy and festive spur straps! Sterling over iron hardware, crystals and steel studs on pearlized pigments

A  pair of nice ladies spur straps with sterling overlay buckles and 2" flowers. Spur straps dark rust color.

Black straps with solid brass hardware and spots.  Nice and simple.

Very fancy spur straps with sterling overlay hardware and spots. Laced edges are a nice finishing touch.  These won a leatherworkers contest in Texas in their small items category.

Bohlin Style 2 spur straps with solid sterling hardware.

Very sharp  spur straps with basket stamp and "lace" accent. The two tone dye makes for a nice finish.

Flashy and good looking spur straps with sterling over iron hardware, stainless steel spots. Tri colored dye.

Beautiful spur straps with tri colored dye and solid sterling silver hardware.  These were very dramatic - as far as spur straps go.....

Simple spur straps with very fancy sterling hardware.  The conchos were 2.25" and I had them engraved in more old retro style

Fun spur straps that were made to match the color and hardware on an existing seaddle.

Very nice spur straps with sterling overlay hardware and dark background dye

Very handsome spur straps with solid brass hardware.



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Mulit-Bling Spur Straps