MotoChap - Used on most show and schooing chap applications. Soft and durable. Both front and back side are beautifully finished. Used  on a lot of rough out chaps.

Butterball - Used mostly on show chaps. Slightly lighter weight than the MotoChap.

Chap Splits - More of a working weight leather.  Soft and pliable.

Garment Weight Suede - used on show chaps. Not suitable for working gear.  Beautiful vivid color!

Analine - Gorgeous leather. Makes wonderful show chaps.  Smooth or rough side out.

Glovetan  &  Dakota - Super soft working weight leather.

Pigsuede Suede - used on show chaps. Slightly lighter weight than the garment suede. Not quite as soft. Gorgeous colors.

These are the leathers typically used on our chaps.  There are more options of exotic leathers, metallics, hair on, patent, pearlized, etc.  Please enquire if you'd like to see those.

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