How to place an order

To place an order we'll need some information from you, starting with what it is you'd like to order.   Please state the item description, quantity, the size and color.

Since each item is custom made to your specificaions there will be a wait time - unless you buy directly from the "Tack Store".  Normally this is between 30 - 60 days depending on the current order volume.  For complex items like saddles please allow more time. This can be up to 1 year or more depending on what type you order.   We can also order custom silver and other hardware to accessorize your item.  You will be notified of current wait times for these things too.

A deposit of 50% of the total order is required to get on the "Job List "with the balance and shipping due upon completion. For large dollar items such as saddles, there can be several deposits made.  Once the first deposit is placed the clock starts ticking.  It is perferrable that you make a telephone call if you need to discuss your order in detail.  We will then send you an e-mail with all that was discussed to insure that we are all on the same page.  Changes can be made to an order but not once construction has started.  Depending on what is being changed,  there may be an additional cost involved.  You will be notified of any cost differences.

Preferred payment is via Paypal.  With Paypal we can accept most major credit cards, debit cards and direct bank payments.  It's convenient and safe to use. Personal checks are also acceptable but be aware that there will be a hold time on your check to make sure it clears. Usually 7 days.

Our mailing address is:  

Black Horse Leatherworks

365 Shining Mountains Loop Road

Ennis, MT  59729

Telephone:  206-919-9194


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