Customer Service Policy

Limited Product Warantee:  Black Horse Leatherworks will guarantee its products to be free from defect of materials or workmanship for 6 moths from the time of receipt.  Normal wear and tear is to be expected and is not covered by the warrantee. If an items is returned, upon receipt it will be repaired or replaced. This is upon our discretion.

Shipments:  Most custom orders will be shipped within 4 - 8 weeks of receipt of you order with all the information needed to execute the order & accompanied by the 50% deposit.  The balance and shipping will be due upon completion.  The total balance due and shipping costs if applicable must be paid before any item is shipped or must be paid at the time of pick-up.  Delays in shipping may be caused by temporary unavailability of supplies, incomplete order information, inadequate deposit, changes or additions to the original order, etc.  Customers will be notified of any changes or delays.  Saddles are shipped on a case by case basis.

Rush Orders:  Rush orders will be shipped 3 weeks from receipt of the order placed with the 50% deposit and with the additional rush fee of $100 on any items priced under $550.  If the original cost of the order is above $550 a rush fee of 20% will be appilied to the cost.  Any special shipping requests will be charged accordingly.

Repairs and Alterations:  Black Horse Leatherworks offers repairs and alterations on a case by case basis.  If it is decided to go ahead with the repair or alteration, a quote will be given via e-mail so we both have it in "writing".

Returns - Refunds:  If there is a problem with your order you must notify Black Horse Leatherworks within 5 days of receipt.  Any problem resulting from an error on our part will be corrected at no expense to you. We will do our best to make your order right for you.  We cannot be held responsible for mistakes you made on your order information to us, measurements or a change of heart.  However we will do our best to fix the problem though there may be cost incurred by you to do this.  So.... Please Measure Carefully!

Also, because leather is a natural material and not man-made, we are not responsible for possible slight variations of actual colors vs. the sample swatches. Leather is dyed in large "batch lots" and these can sometimes vary slightly. Hide thickness consistency may also vary time to time.  We always strive to get the very best hide for any of our products.

Cancellations:  There are no order cancellations / refunds on deposits once an order is placed.  Once your deposit is received, this is a binding contract between Black Horse Leatherworks & Saddlery and you.  Supplies are ordered immediately upon receipt of your deposit.

Changes To Orders: Typically changes can be made within 3 days of your deposit being placed.  Changes can only be accepted if production has not yet started or is not far along. If production has gone too far, we will not be able to accommodate you. If a change is made there may be additional cost incurred.

Pricing Subject To Change Without Notice:  Due to the fluxuation of the cost of hides, silver & other materials used on our items that we receive from our various vendors, price changes can take place that are not yet reflected on the website or price lists.  Please contact us for an exact quote on items.  Once a detailed quote has been given to you and the deposit placed there will be NO price change unless a change is made on your order.


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