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Sterling Card Suit Headstall
Card Suit Headstall

Card Suit Headstall

Simple but stylish headstall that features navy blue "gator"  (embossed cow).   The card suit conchos and buckles & bit ends are Sterling Overlay by BC Silversmiths.  The bit ends are very intricately engraved.   This nice split ear headstall is lined with black Herman Oak leather.  This is a really nice headstall and would look great on most any color horse.  Show at 41", can shorten 5" or make   1.5" longer. I can also shorten the crown if necessary.



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Big Buckaroo Headstall

Really nice new headstall with a ton of tooling! It’s been dyed and has an antique finish. The 3/4" crown and 5/8" throat buckles are stainless steel. This headstalls also been lined with harness leather. It’s very heavy duty. It probably would not be something you’d use on a delicate or small headed horse. However if your horse or mule needed some dressing up, this would be a great headstall for them. It would also make a great decoration on your wall. Regular to large horse sized. It has been made to accommodate a cavason or noseband.


This beautiful, versatile headstall can be used as browband or one ear style.  It's made with Herman Oak Leather and lined with the same.  Beautifully tooled then intricately dyed to give the tooling a 3-dimensional look.  It's topped off with medium brown antique finish.  The hardware is engraved solid brass.  This headstall is a unique work of art and will last for years. $700.00

Buckaroo Headstall
Buckaroo Bridle Brass Conchos
Cowboy Headstall
Browband Bridle
Silid Brass Engraved Hardware